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  • Protecting new players from matching with players with relatively higher skills in given video game,


  • Creating fair and competitive matches by letting people play together with players who have similar skill level,


  • Making games less toxic by matching with the right players,


  • Allowing people to play together who will have a good internet connection to each other (in terms of connection quality which can be very unpredictable and random in the Internet).

What we do for Players ?

  • Recognize types, groups, characteristics of players based on available player’s data and the history of monitored activity, 


  • Adjust the proposed opponents, co-operator and other user groups (i.e. the clans) to the specific needs and expectations of the player,


  • Select and modify data sources and to adjust user model and game content to the specific needs.

AIM - Key Features

AIM - How it works

  •  Contains matchmaking params in genetic algorithm,
  •  Use REST API to contact with Data Analyzer,
  •  Send matchmaking params to Game.
  • Analyze event data collected from AWS S3,
  •  Send data with score to Feedbacker.


Data Analyzer

Game Server API

  • API which connect with Feedbacker via TCP, and waiting for new matchmaking params,
  • Contains actual matchmaking params.

The main goal of the project is carry out research and developments works to design, develop and implement an intelligent, adaptable, flexible matchmaking system for mobile video games.


Our matchmaking system is more complex and comprehensive than solutions currently available on the market.


We adopted advanced and modern artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques allowing for player behaviour analysis in a more comprehensive

and efficient manner.


It  allow to replace partially or completely simple lobby-based matchmaking providing advanced matchmaking activities.


AIM allow to automatize selecting and proposing suitable content for the players, in consequence increasing their satisfaction from

the game.

Artifical inteligence - based system for multiplayer online games